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Case Studies

Check out the case studies below to learn more about how Petromac’s unique technology has helped operators around the world

Difficult Wellbores in Kuwait

Learn how an operator in Kuwait used Wireline Express to double their logging success rate and expand the wireline program beyond ‘essentials only’

Sampling Success in Vietnam

An offshore project in Vietnam proved formation mobility was 20x greater on the high side of the wellbore when using Wireline Express to orient the formation pressure tester

High Deviation in West Africa

In Gabon, a 78° well proved to be no obstacle for a petrophysical + pressure tester combo with Wireline Express

Preventing Image Overlap

Tool Taxis are being used by operators around the world to prevent imaging tools from rotating during logging.

Sonic Centralization in United Arab Emirates

Unlike leaf spring centralizers and powered calipers, Tool Taxis provide a constant standoff giving perfect centralization for sonic tools.

Eliminate Stick and Slip

Learn how Wireline Express eliminates irregular ‘stick-slip’ movement of logging tools in the wellbore, ensuring excellent data quality.

X-Y Density in New Zealand

A client in New Zealand used Wireline Express to record X-Y (horizontal-vertical) density logs in a deviated wellbore.

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