Slide Are you getting Wireline Logging Strings differentially stuck? Wireline Express virtually eliminates differential sticking by carrying the Logging Tool on wheeled carriages
  • Wheels are able to “roll out” of a differential sticking scenario
  • Fluid Sampling from the high side of the wellbore allows weight of tool to ‘peel’ the packer off
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Slide Are you unable to pass ledges/washouts with Wireline Logging strings? Ledges and Washouts are seamlessly navigated with Petromac’s angled hole finder.
Petromac’s wheeled carriages align the holefinder nose upward enabling it to slide over a step ledge up to 6 inches high
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Slide Are you positioning all Wireline sensors for
optimum data quality?
Orientation of logging tool sensors ,unique to Wireline Express™, facilitates many techniques to improve data quality.
  • Fluid sampling from high side of wellbore
  • X-Y Density in deviated wellbores
  • Oriented side-wall coring
  • Valid Density down-log
  • Centralization without drag
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Slide Are you Planning to log a 80° degree deviated well? With industry leading low friction design, Wireline Express™ dramatically improves wireline operations.
  • Extreme Deviation Conveyance without TLC/PCL
  • Low cable tension during logging
  • Reduction in stick-slip motion
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Welcome to Wireline Express

Watch the short video to learn about the benefits of Wireline Express:

  • Run smoothly to TD without holdup
  • Eliminate differential sticking
  • Log at extreme deviations
  • Quality data without stick-slip artefacts.
  • Enhanced sample recovery by precise sensor orientation

Slide Results that speak for themselves From ultra deep water in the Gulf of Mexico to stress damaged wellbores in Pakistan, Petromac supports operators around the world. With a proven track record in a diverse range of downhole environments our results speak for themselves. Case Studies

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