Origins of Petromac

Throughout my career in petrophysics, I became increasingly frustrated with the poor log data from drill pipe conveyance and logging while drilling measurements. It is well recognised that wireline logs can deliver the most accurate, high resolution information in a very efficient manner. Wireline logging operations however, do not always run smoothly. Ledges, cuttings and high deviation can impede tool-string descent. Tool sticking compromises data quality and often leads to considerable unplanned expense.
Qualified as a mechanical engineer, with a drive for perfection, I set out to design, validate and manufacture a range of bespoke devices with the aim to minimise wireline logging risk, improve operational efficiency and data quality. The Petromac wireline express system was born to resolve the challenges that have plagued wireline logging for over 50yrs.
Our passionate team of highly experienced regional managers pride themselves on delivery of exceptional outcomes to customers through the use of our world leading bespoke devices.


Stephen McCormick