Tool Taxis

Wireline Express comprises a diverse inventory of Tool Taxis to suit a wide range of wireline tools and log applications, including:

  • Low wear carbide bearings with active lubrication for use in abrasive wellbore fluids.
  • Wheels with sealed ball bearing running in a pressure compensated oil bath where ultra-low friction is required
  • Fixed standoff or centralisation to optimise tool sensor measurements
  • Secure attachment to logging tool fastening holes

Petrophysical Taxi

  • Taxis are a slip over design which do not compromise tool hydraulic or wiring connections.
  • Taxis provide a fixed standoff of either ½”, 1 ½” or centralised to optimize data quality for specific petrophysical tools.
  • The equipment secures to the c-spanner holes on the logging string, locking the orientation and position of the Taxis.
  • Active bearing lubrication system

Reservoir Sampling Taxi

  • Ultra-low friction ball-bearings in a pressure compensated oil bath.
  • Taxi bore is 4.75” / 5.0” / 5.25” to accommodate large OD reservoir tools.
  • Taxis orient sample probe to a preferred direction in the wellbore.

Slim Taxi

    • The TTC-IL6 is an inline through-wired taxi for small wellbores (6” – 8.5”)
    • Taxi connects to standard open hole logging tools (3.375” / 3.625”)



    • Petromac’s wheeled carriages align the holefinder nose upward.
    • Holefinder will slide over a step ledge up to 6 inches high
    • Adjustable nose angle for different hole sizes
    • Petromac supplies a range of fixed angle and adjustable angle holefinders.

Fixed Angle Holefinders

    • A wide range of holefinders are available for your project, with capability to connect to all the major wireline service company’s tools.
    • Holefinders are available for ‘bottom-only’ tools such as Array Induction, Side Wall Coring and Formation Micro-Imagers.

Adjustable Angle Holefinders

    • Adjustable angle holefinders for use in different hole sizes and logging tool standoff.
    • A maximum angle of 9 degrees is capable of navigating a 6in step ledge.


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